About Employee UX Pro

Focusing on the human

With lives so enmeshed in digital, both at work and at play, it’s time for organizations large and small to rethink how they implement, launch and manage the tools they provide employees. There’s no magical, one-size-fits-all approach, and implementation and governance (which are often overlooked) are critical steps in making the most of your investment. No matter where you are in your implementation journey, you can take a step back and make it easier for your employees to do the work you pay them to do.

What is "Employee UX"?

Employee UX is the application of traditional user experience (UX) practices to your employees' experience. It includes evaluating the online experiences of your employees to ensure individual tools work as needed, that employees use them consistently, and that, where necessary, your tools work together to meet your organization's needs.

Why does it matter?

Salary and related benefits can bring employees in, but what makes them stay? Investment in your employees means investing not just in fun perks but in quality collaborative ecosystems. If your tools don't work, no amount of cereal bars or free beer will offset the lost opportunity for innovation and employee satisfaction.